Cerf, Bennett,1898-1971.ed.

An encyclopedia of modern American humor /edited by Bennett Cerf ; drawings by Doug Anderson.
New York :Modern Library,[1958], c1954.

688 p. :ill. ;21 cm.

I. Anywhere, U.S.A.: Cornella Otis Skinner-- On skating / Dorothy Parker-- The sexes / Joe H. Palmer-- By any other name-- The odds were right / Corey Ford-- How to guess your age-- The office party / Edward Streeter-- Excerpts from father of the bride / Robert Benchley-- Ladies' wild / Russell Lynes-- The new snobbism / McEvoy, J. P.-- From host to guest in one generation / II. New England: Frank Sullivan-- Quigley 873 / E. B. White-- A weekend with the angels / Charles W. Morton-- Prep schools-- Fishing stories / Russell Maloney-- Inflexible logic / Cleveland Amory-- Newport: of cottages and queens (abridged) / III. New York: O. Henry-- Mammon and the archer-- Man about town / Clarence Day-- Father wakes up the village / Dorothy Parker-- From a diary of a New York lady / Leonard Q. Ross-- The rather difficult case of Mr. K*A*P*L*A*N / Ring Lardner-- Liberty Hall-- Sit still / Damon Runyon-- Blood pressure / Wolcott Gibbs-- The free lance / Arthur Kober-- Chocolate for the woodwork / H. Allen Smith-- New York is mostly people / Frank Sullivan-- An interesting cure /

Bennett Cerf-- The artful dodgers / A. J. Liebling-- The jollity building (abridged) / IV. Southland: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings-- Benny and the bird-dogs / Joel Chandler Harris-- The wonderful tar baby / Mark Twain-- Journalism in Tennessee / Roark Bradford-- Excerpts from ol' man Adam an' his chillun / Erskine Caldwell-- A small day / Alva Johnston-- The legendary Mizners and the Florida boom (abridged) / Eudora Welty-- Petrified man / Mac Hyman-- Excerpts from no time for sergeants / V. The southwest: Will Rogers-- Frolics and follies-- Taking the cure, by the shores of Cat Creek / George Sessions Perry-- Edgar and the dank morass / Frank Sullivan-- An innocent in Texas / The editor-- A Texas sampler / VII. The far west: Bret Hart-- An ingenue of the Sierras / S. J. Perelman-- Strictly from hunger / John O' Hara-- Life among these unforgettable characters / Will Rogers-- It's time somebody said a word for California / Robert Lewis Taylor-- An excerpt from W. C. Fields: his follies and fortunes / Herb Caen-- There'll always be a cable car / Betty MacDonald-- An excerpt from the egg and I /

IX. The next verse you hear: Franklin P. Adams-- Signal service-- Baseball player-- Frequently-- Advice to young men / Richard Armour-- Miniature-- 'Twas the night (late) before Christmas / Morris Bishop-- Ambition-- Merry old souls / T. A. Daly-- Mia Carlotta / Irwin Edman-- On hearing French children speak French-- Note on geriatrics / Margaret Fishback-- Hell's bells-- Attention: sunburn enthusiasts-- Infant prodigy / Arthur Guiterman-- Anthologistics / Samuel Hoffenstein-- Poems in praise of practically nothing / Newman Levy-- Thais / David McCord-- Highboy, lowboy, oboy-- Epitaph on a waiter-- To a certain certainly certain critic / Phyllis McGinley-- I hate bachelors-- This one's about two irishmen, or, Oliver Ames is a raconteur / Don Marquis-- Excerpts from archy and mehitabel / Ogden Nash-- What's the matter, haven't you got any sense of humor-- Genealogical reflection-- Song of the open road-- Reflections on ice-breaking-- Reflection on babies-- The rabbits-- The panther-- The termite-- What's the use-- My daddy / Dorothy Parker-- Unfortunate coincidence-- Song of one of the girls--

Parable for a certain virgin-- Bohemia / X. A whiff of grease paint: Three memorable scenes from broadway comedy hits.: Ben Hechet and Charles MacArthur-- The last scene from the front page / Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman-- The opening scene from the man who came to dinner / Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse-- A scene from act II of life with father / Two famous radio feuds.: Jack Benny vs. Fred Allen / W.C. Fields vs. Charlie McCarthy / John Crosby-- Excerpts from out of the blue / A vaudeville classic: Dr. Kronkhite / The editor-- Show cases / XI. Growing pains.: Robert Benchley-- One legend less / F. Scott Fitzgerald-- The baby party / Milt Gross-- Excerpts from nize baby / Margaret Millar-- Excerpts from it's all in the family / Shirley Jackson-- Charles / Ruth McKenney-- An excerpt from my sister Eileen / John Mason Brown-- Happy birthday / Sally Benson-- An excerpt from junior miss / Al Capp-- Memories of Miss Mandelbaum / Hildegarde Dolson-- An excerpt from we shook the family tree / XII. Beyond the twelve-mile limit.: Anita Loos-- Excerpts from gentlemen prefer blondes /

Donald Ogden Stewart-- Excerpts from Mr. and Mrs. Haddock abroad / Mark Twain-- A night of terror / Donald Moffat-- Gendarmes and the man / Art Buchwald-- Some heady phrases on wine-- Other voices, other wines / Robert Benchley-- Carnival week in sunny Las Los / S.J. Perelman-- The idol's eye / Wolcott Gibbs-- Cure / Thomas Heggen-- The birthmark (from Mr. Roberts) / Guy Gilpatric-- Mary, Queen of Scots.

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