Bullies and mean girls in popular culture / by Oppliger, Patrice A.;
The numerous anti-bullying programs in schools across the United States have done little to reduce the number of reported bullying instances. One reason for this is that little attention has been paid to the role of the media and popular culture in adolescents' bullying and mean-girl behavior. This book addresses media role models in television, film, picture books, and the Internet in the realm of bullying and relational aggression. It highlights portrayals with unproductive strategies that lead to poor resolutions or no resolution at all. Young viewers may learn ineffective, even dangerous, ways of handling aggressive situations. Victims may feel discouraged when they are unable to handle the situation as easily as in media portrayals. They may also feel their experiences are trivialized by comic portrayals. Entertainment programming, aimed particularly at adolescents, often portray adults as incompetent or uncaring and include mean-spirited teasing. In addition, overuse of the term "bully" and defining all bad behavior as "bullying" may dilute the term and trivialize the problem. -- From publisher's website.Includes bibliographical references and index.Bullies and the media -- Mean girls and the media -- Film bullies -- Film mean girls -- Television bullies -- Television mean girls -- Television sitcoms -- Glee's bullies and mean girls -- Documentaries and talk shows -- Television reality shows -- Children's programs -- Children's literature -- Alternative media -- Pro-social and anti-bullying messages -- Analysis and recommendations.
Subjects: Bullies in mass media.; Bullying; Mass media and girls.; Girls in popular culture.;
© [2013], McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers,
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American Sign Language for kids. [videorecording]. by Language Tree (Firm);
DVD.Kids will learn how to fingerspell the alphabet and numbers, as well as pick signs for everyday situations such as meeting and greeting, pronouns, family members, occupations, colors, and much more. In addition, tips on how to interact effectively with the deaf community are offered throughout the program.Fingerspelling -- Pronouns -- Salutations -- Occupations -- Family members -- Rooms in the house -- Colors.
Subjects: Educational films.; Children's films.; Nonfiction films.; American Sign Language;
© c2009., Language Tree,
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Cold War and McCarthy era [electronic resource] : people and perspectives / by Emmons, Caroline S.,editor.; Mancall, Peter C.,editor.; Gale (Firm);
Includes bibliographical references and index.Covers how the Cold War and McCarthy eras affected men, women, and children of varying backgrounds to provide a more personal examination of this important era.
Subjects: Cold War; Anti-communist movements;
© c2010., ABC-CLIO,
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Stranger in the woods [videorecording] / by Sams, Carl R.; Stoick, Jean.; Sams, Laura.; Sams, Robert.; DePoy, Brandon.; Boyd, Nancy.; Stevens, Tracy.; Brunn, Michael.; Brunn, Megan.; Boyd, Dan.; Stevens, Marc.; Carl R. Sams II Photography.;
DVD, region 1, full screen presentation; Dolby Digital.Brandon Depoy, Nancy Boyd, Robert Sams, Tracy Stevens.Voices: Laura Sams, Michael Brunn, Megan Brunn.Videographers, Dan Boyd, Carl R. Sams II, Laura Sams ; music, Laura Sams, Robert Sams, Marc Stevens.MPAA rating: Not rated.Journey deep into the winter woods and meet two snowdrifts, Pierre and Janine. Together they introduce you to their forest friends and reminisce about a time when a mysterious stranger came to visit.Winner of 16 national & international awards.
Subjects: Short films.; Video recordings for children.; Children's films and programs.; Snowmen; Forest animals; Forest birds; Forest animals; Animals; Snowmen; Winter;
© 2003., Carl R. Sams II Photography,
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Lunch wars : how to start a school food revolution and win the battle for our children's health / by Kalafa, Amy.;
Includes bibliographical references (p. [357]-362) and index."In Lunch Wars, award-winning filmmaker and nutritionist Amy Kalafa answers the question she's received from parents around the country in response to her inspiring documentary film Two Angry Moms: "If I want to change the food culture in my kid's school cafeteria, how can I get started?" By explaining the issues surrounding school food; how to work with your school's "Wellness Policy"; the basics of good nutrition (vs. what is currently being served in most schools); how to get funding for a school garden and much more, this book will finally arm parents with the specific information and strategies they need to make a difference in the quality of school food in their community. The book will also feature the inspiring stories of parents around the country who have fought for better food in their schools and won"--
Subjects: National school lunch program.; School children; School children; Education; Educational change;
© c2011., Jeremy P. Tacher/Penguin,
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The platinum age of television : from I love Lucy to The walking dead, how TV became terrific / by Bianculli, David.;
Includes bibliographical references (pages 553-555) and index.Introduction -- Children's programs -- Animation -- Profile : Matt Groening -- Variety/sketch -- Profile : Mel Brooks -- Profile : Carol Burnett -- Profile : Tom Smothers -- Profile : Amy Schumer -- Soap operas -- Crime -- Profile : Steven Bochco -- Profile : David Chase -- Profile : Kevin Spacey -- Profile : Vince Gilligan -- Legal -- Profile : David E. Kelley -- Profile : Robert and Michelle King -- Medical -- Family sitcoms -- Profile : Norman Lear -- Workplace sitcoms -- Profile : James L. Brooks -- Profile : Garry Shandling -- Splitcoms -- Profile : Carl Reiner -- Profile : Bob Newhart -- Profile : Larry David -- Profile : Louis C.K. -- Single working women sitcoms -- Profile : Judd Apatow -- Sci-fi/fantasy/horror -- Westerns -- Profile : David Milch -- Spies -- General drama -- Profile : David Simon -- Profile : Aaron Sorkin -- Profile : Matthew Weiner -- War -- Miniseries -- Profile : Ken Burns -- Topical comedy -- Profile : Larry Wilmore -- Conclusion."Television shows have now eclipsed films as the premier form of visual narrative art of our time. This new book by one of our finest critics explains--historically, in depth, and with interviews with the celebrated creators themselves--how the art of must-see/binge-watch television evolved. Darwin had his theory of evolution, and David Bianculli has his. Bianculli's theory has to do with the concept of quality television: what it is and, crucially, how it got that way. In tracing the evolutionary history of our progress toward a Platinum Age of Television--our age, the era of The Sopranos and Breaking Bad and Mad Men and The Wire and Homeland and Girls--he focuses on the development of the classic TV genres, among them the sitcom, the crime show, the miniseries, the soap opera, the western, the animated series and the late night talk show. In each genre, he selects five key examples of the form, tracing its continuities and its dramatic departures and drawing on exclusive and in-depth interviews with many of the most famed auteurs in television history. Television has triumphantly come of age artistically; David Bianculli's book is the first to date to examine, in depth and in detail and with a keen critical and historical sense, how this inspiring development came about"--
Subjects: Interviews.; Television programs; Television producers and directors;
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Hamlet [videorecording] / by Wyver, John.; Grant, Sebastian.; Doran, Gregory.; Tennant, David,1971-; Stewart, Patrick,1940-; Downie, Penny.; Davies, Oliver Ford.; Gale, Mariah,1979-; Englishby, Paul.; Shakespeare, William,1564-1616.Hamlet.; Illuminations (Firm); Royal Shakespeare Company.; British Broadcasting Corporation.Television Service.; WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.); Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai.; BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc.; Warner Home Video (Firm);
DVD, region 1; NTSC; Dolby Digital stereo.; widescreen presentation (16:9 enhanced).Originally broadcast on television in 2009.David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, Penny Downie, Oliver Ford Davies, Mariah Gale.Director of photography, Chris Seager ; editor, Tony Cranstoun ; composer, Paul Englishby.This production of Shakespeare's masterpiece from Britain's renowned Royal Shakespeare Company was filmed on location rather than in the theatre. No recent stage production in Britain has attracted the excitement and nearly unanimous critical praise as this Hamlet. Dynamic, exciting, and contemporary, it breathes new life into Shakespeare's greatest play.
Subjects: Television melodramas.; Video recordings for the hearing impaired.; Television programs.; Television adaptations.; Fiction television programs.; Historical television programs.; Television programs; Hamlet (Legendary character); Ghosts; Children of murder victims; Mothers and sons; Melancholy;
© [2010], BBC ; Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas ; Distributed by Warner Home Video,
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The codebreaker / by Gazit, Chana,television director,television producer.; Steinmen, Hilary Klotz,television producer.; Ruiz, Vanessa,television producer.; Sherman, Nancy,television producer.; Burton, Kate,narrator.; Motion picture adaptation of (work) :Fagone, Jason.Woman who smashed codes.; Steward/Gazit Productions,production company.; WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.),production company.; Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.),publisher.; PBS Distribution (Firm),film distributor.;
DVD; NTSC, Region 1; widescreen presentation; stereo.Narrator, Kate Burton.Edited by Jon Neuburger.TV Parental Guidelines rating: TV-PG (parental guidance suggested; this program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children).Presents the story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, a suburban American wife whose work as a cryptanalyst sent gangsters to prison and brought down a Nazi spy ring in Argentina in World War II.
Subjects: Historical television programs.; Friedman, Elizebeth, 1892-1980.; Cryptographers; Cryptography; World War, 1914-1918; World War, 1939-1945;
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Bullying : a reference handbook. by Klein, Jessie.;
Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter 1. Background and History -- Terminology -- Bullying Language -- Gender -- Youths -- Defining Bullying -- "Boele" -- Mobbing -- Olweus's Definition -- Federal Definition -- Definition Controversies -- Reactive and Proactive Aggression -- Cyberbullying -- Impact on Those Involved in Bullying -- Physical/Mental Health -- Bullycide -- Murder/Mass Murder -- Statistics -- Vulnerable Populations -- Types of Bullying -- International -- Explanations -- Biological -- Psychological -- Social Environment -- Technological Alienation -- Teachers Bully -- Retribution "Justice" -- References -- Chapter 2. Problems, Controversies, and Solutions -- Definition(s) -- Bullying and Social Conflict -- Variations -- Subjectivity -- Intent and Unwanted -- Power Imbalance -- Repetition -- Problems That Lead to Bullying -- Bullying as Innate -- Bigotry -- Hierarchy -- Violent Culture -- Normal or Deviant? -- Prevention -- Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) -- Boost Self-Esteem -- Trauma-Sensitive Schools -- Meditation -- Prevent "Bystanders" and Develop"Upstanders -- Student Activism -- Circle Discussions -- Promoting Equality -- Interventions -- Whole-School Approach -- For Those Who Bully Others -- For Students Being Bullied -- Zero-Tolerance Policies -- Legal Responses -- Restorative Justice -- References -- Chapter 3. Perspectives -- Bullying and Looksism, Lynn S. Chancer -- How to Overcome Bullying, Carrie Goldman -- Hate Speech, Bullying, and Social Media: Teaching Empathy to Our Kids, Devorah Heitner -- Seven Ways to Wire for Resilience, Tamara Holt -- Needs, Feelings, and Empathy, Michael Jascz -- Going Offline, Anara Katz -- Be Kind, Fretta Reitzes -- The Constant Needle: How Relentless Bullying Can Contribute to Death by Suicide, Alyssa Relyea.Using Restorative Justice to Prevent and Stop Bullying, Nichole Rowe Small -- The Missing Discourse of Rights: Bullying versus Sexual Harassment in K-12 Schools, Nan Stein -- Only Compassion-Not Tough Love-Can Teach Empathy, Maia Szalavitz -- Inner Peace Creates Outer Peace, M. Cristina Zaccarini -- Chaper 4. Profiles -- Empathy-Focused Programs -- Breath-Body-Mind -- Challenge Day -- Creating Compassionate Communities (CCC) -- Kidsbridge -- Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility -- New York City Children's Theater (NYCCT) -- Peace in Schools -- Rachel's Challenge -- Organizations -- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -- Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) -- National Council on Disability -- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -- Peace Alliance -- Stop -- Activists -- Eloise Jamison Berdahl-Baldwin -- Ellen DeGeneres -- Tim Field -- Lee Hirsch -- Lady Gaga -- Researchers -- Donna Gaines -- Dan Olweus -- Deborah Temkin -- Victims -- Tyler Clementi -- Ryan Halligan -- David Knight -- Megan Meier -- Phoebe Prince -- Ghyslain Raza -- Chapter 5. Data and Documents -- Data -- Table 5.1 Demographics of Students Being Bullied at School-Types of Bullying (2015) -- Table 5.2 Sex of Students Who Reported Being Cyberbullied-Types of Cyber bullying (2013) -- Table 5.3 Demographics of Students Bulliedand Cyber bullied (School Year 2012-2013) -- Table 5.4 Grade of Students Who Reported Being Bullied-Locationof Bullying (2015) -- Table 5.5 Results by Grade of Bullying and Cyberbullying (School Year 2012-2013) -- Table 5.6 Percentage of Students Who Reported Being Bullied and Cyberbullied,by Student Reports of Fear, Avoidance, and Responses (School Year 2012-2013) -- Table 5.7 Percentage of Students Who Reported Hate-Related Words,by Type (2015).Figure 5.1 Percentage of High School Students Who Were Bullied at School or Electronically Bullied, by Sexual Identity (2017) -- Figure 5.2 Numbers of School Shootings by Decade (1979-2011) -- Table 5.8 Motives in 148 School Shootings (1979-2008) -- Table 5.9 Civil Rights Statutes Relevantto Bullying -- Documents -- Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education (1999) -- President Barack Obama's Statement on Bullying Prevention (2011) -- New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Policy (2011) -- Bullying-Free Schools: How Local, State,and Federal Efforts Can Help (2012) -- Bullying of Students with Disabilities (2014) -- Safe Schools Improvement Act (2017) -- Chapter 6. Resources -- Introduction -- Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles -- Popular Writings -- Books -- Films -- Organizations -- Chapter 7. Chronology -- Glossary -- Index -- About the Author.Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources.Electronic reproduction. Ann Arbor, Michigan : ProQuest Ebook Central, 2020. Available via World Wide Web. Access may be limited to ProQuest Ebook Central affiliated libraries.
Subjects: Electronic books.;
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The U.S.-Mexico border : a reference handbook / by LeMay, Michael C.,author.;
Preface -- 1. BACKGROUND AND HISTORY: Introduction -- The Border before 1848 -- 1848-1865: The Maxican-American War, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and the Consolidation of the Border Line -- 1865-1890: Post Civil-War Migration and Development -- 1890-1930: The Border Boom -- 1930-1942: The Interwar Years -- 1942-1964: The Bracero Program -- 1965-2000: Trends in Migration -- 2000 to Today: Militarizing the Border after 9/11 -- Conclusion -- References / 2. PROBLEMS, CONTROVERSIES, AND SOULTIONS: Introduction -- Asylymn and Refugee Problems -- Border Barriers and Militarization of the Border -- Colonization -- Drugs, Guns, and Human Trafficking -- Economic Cycles of Booms and Busts -- Environmental and Water Problems -- Foreign Policy Issues -- Global Economic Issues -- Illegal Immigration Flows -- Medicine, Medical Accessibility, and Medical Tourism -- Political Incorporation -- Social Change in the Borderland Region -- Conclusion -- References / 3. PERSPECTIVES: Introduction -- Mexican Americans and the Long Fight Against Segregation in the Southwest -- The Fourtheenth Amendment, Incorporatin Doctrine, and the U.S.-Mexico Border States -- Indian Boarding Schools: A History Worth Remembering -- Social Justice and Injustice in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region -- Understanding Political Inactivity in the Border Region -- Changing Labor Dynamics on teh U.S.-Mexico Border: Agricultural and Domestic Workers in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives -- THe Apache Wars and the U.S.-Mexico Border / 4. PROFILES: Introduction -- Organizations: Alianza Federal de Mercedes -- Center for Biological Diversity -- Center for Land Grant Studies -- Chicanos Por La Causa -- Human Rights First -- League of United Latin American Citizens -- Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund -- Mexican American Political Association -- Mexican American Youth Organization -- Movimiento Estudiential Chicanx de Aztlan -- National Alliance for Hispanic Health -- National Hispanic Institute -- New Mexical Center on Law and Poverty -- Office of Refugee Resettlement -- Pew Research Center -- Sinaloa Cartel -- Unidoes US -- United Farm Workers -- United We Dream -- Voto Latinos ; People: Brewer, Janet (1944-) -- Bush, George W. (1946-) -- Castro, Julian (1974-) -- Catron, Thomas Benton (1840-1921) -- Cuellar, Henry (1955-) -- Geronimo (1829-1909) -- Grijalva, Raul (1948-) -- Grisham, Michelle Lujan (1959-) -- Huerta, Dolores (1930-) -- Jimenez, Cristina (1984-) -- Lujan, Ben Ray (1972-) -- Obama, Barack (1961-) -- Parker, Quanah (1845/1854-1911) -- Polk, Jame K. (1795-1849) -- Richardson, Bill (1947-) -- Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1882-1945) -- Roybal, Eduardo (1916-2005) -- Sessions, Jeff (1946-) -- Trump, Donald (1946-) -- Vargas, Juan (1961-) ; References / 5. DATA AND DOCUMENTS: Introduction -- Data: Table 5.1 The Pueblos of New Mexico and the Language Spoken -- Map 5.1 The Adams-Onis Treaty, 1819 -- Table 5.2 Twinning Cities of the U.S.-Mexico Border, West to East -- Map 5.2 The U.S.-Mexico Border Region and Key Twinning Cities -- Table 5.3 Congressional Districts Spanning the U.S.-Mexico Border and the Member Representing that District (116th Congress, 2019) -- Table 5.4 Members of the Congressional Border Caucus -- Table 5.5 Members of the Congressinal Hispanic Caucus -- Table 5.6 Members of the Congressional Hispanic Conference -- Map 5.3 Border Patrol Sectors Along the Southwest Border -- Table 5.7 Border Agents and Border Apprehensions, 2000-2019 -- Figure 5.1 Total Apprehensions at the Southwest Border, FY1960-FY2019 -- Figure 5.2 Total Apprehensions at the Southwest Border, by COuntry of Origin, FY2000-FY2019 -- Figure 5.3 Percentage of UAC Apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol at the Southwest Border, by Country of Origin, FY2016 ; Documents: Adams-Onis Treaty -- Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848 -- Gadsden Purchase Agreement, 1854 -- An Act Granting Citizen to Certain Indians, November 6, 1919 -- Border Patrol Act of 1925 -- Border Patrol Act of 1949 -- Multilateral Protocol and Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (1954 and 1966) -- Refugee Act of March 17, 1980 -- La Paz Agreement of August 14, 1983 -- Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of November 6, 1986 -- Immigration Act of 1990 (IMMACT) of November 29, 1990 -- LULAC et al. v. Wilson et al (1995) -- Secure Fence Act of 2006 -- Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion with Respect to Individuals Who Came to the United States as Children, 2012 -- Asylum Eligibility Interim Final Rule, 2019 / 6. RESOURCES: Introduction -- Books -- Scholarly Journals -- Films -- Videos . 7. CHRONOLOGY: Glossary -- Index.Comprising seven chapters, The U.S.-Mexico Border: A Reference Handbook surveys the complex topic for students and readers. Chapter 1 discusses the political, social, and economic contexts in which the border came to exist. Chapter 2 discusses problems, controversies, and proposed solutions. Chapter 3 consists of original essays contributed by outside scholars, complementing the perspective and expertise of the author. Chapter 4 profiles major organizations and people who, as stakeholders in border politics, drive the agenda on the issue. Chapter 5 presents data and documents on the topic, giving readers the ability to analyze the facts. Chapter 6 provides additional resources that the reader may wish to consult, such as books, journal articles, and films. Chapter 7 provides a detailed chronology of important events, and the book closes with a useful glossary of key terms used throughout the book and a comprehensive subject index.Description based on print version record.Electronic reproduction. Ann Arbor, MI : ProQuest, 2018. Available via World Wide Web. Access may be limited to ProQuest affiliated libraries.
Subjects: Electronic books.; Border security;
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