Alternative kilns & firing techniques : raku, saggar, pit, barrel / by Watkins, James C.,1951-; Wandless, Paul Andrew.;
Ceramic artists share their fast-firing methods and directions for building simple kilns. This book illustrates the full scope of the ceramic process and the diverse results that can be achieved.--[book cover].Out of the kiln, into the fire -- A fellowship in clay -- Raku -- Origins and modern practice -- Building a raku kiln -- Basic raku firing -- Alternative raku reduction techniques -- Amber-tinted ferric chloride reduction -- High-contrast horsehair reduction -- Rust-red reduction -- Terra sigillata reduction -- Gunmetal black reduction -- Copper matte-alcohol reduction -- Iridescent luster fuming -- Low-fire salt fuming -- Saggar -- Silver-black terra sigillata with masked resist -- Multi-colored surfaces -- Aluminum foil saggar -- Iridescent luster fuming in a clay saggar -- Pit -- Barrel -- Terra sigillata and barrel firing -- Downdraft stovepipe barrel kiln -- Gallery -- Glazes, slips, and colorants -- Orton cone chart.
Subjects: Kilns.; Firing (Ceramics); Pottery craft.; Raku pottery.;
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