How the other half lives : studies among the tenements of New York / by Riis, Jacob A.(Jacob August),1849-1914.; Sante, Luc.;
Includes bibliographical references (p. xxiii-xxv).Provides a detailed picture of what life in the slums of New York was like, how the slums were created, how and why they remained as they were, who was forced to live there, and offers suggestions for easing the lot of the poor.Genesis of the tenement -- Awakening -- Mixed crowd -- Down town back-alleys -- Italian in New York -- Bend -- Raid on stale beer dives -- Cheap lodging houses -- Chinatown -- Jewtown -- Sweaters of Jewtown -- Bohemians, tenement house cigarmaking -- Color line in New York -- Common herd -- Problem of the children -- Waifs on the city's slums -- Street Arab -- Reign of rum -- Harvest of tares -- Working girls of New York -- Pauperism in the tenements -- Wrecks and the waste -- Man with the knife -- What has been done -- How the case stands.
Subjects: Poor; Tenement houses;
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