OMG that's me : bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and more / by Mowry, Dave,author.;
Obsessive thoughts and behavior -- Which bipolar me is going to wake up today? -- The never-ending to-do list -- Suffering in silence -- Bipolar disorder and job insecurity -- Too depressed to shower -- Panic attacks -- Don't disappear from my like because I have bipolar disease -- Flashbacks -- Is laughter really the best medicine? -- Have bipolar and finding your funny -- Five surprising things we can do to improve our lives -- What might have been -- Suicide ideation -- Bipolar disorder and hobbies -- Misreading situations -- Bipolar disorder and bad memories -- Oversharing -- Constant conversations in my head -- Panic attacks: My constant companion -- Mental illness: A balanced vies -- Don't disrespect me because I have bipolar disease -- Identity theft: Take mine -- Peer support works -- My lost years -- We are beautiful people: A message of dignity and hope.If you are living with a mental illness or mood disorder - or more than one - you're not alone. People all over the country and the world are living with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and more.Whether you're living with a mental illness, you have a loved one who is, or you're a mental health provider who wants to better understand your patients, this books is a must read.
Subjects: Affective disorders.; Affective Symptoms.; Anxiety Disorders.; Bipolar Disorder.; Depressive Disorder.;
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