The lord of the rings. by Osborne, Barrie,producer.; Walsh, Fran,1959-screenwriter,producer.; Jackson, Peter,1961-director,producer,screenwriter.; Boyens, Philippa,screenwriter.; Sinclair, Stephen,screenwriter.; Wood, Elijah,1981-actor.; McKellen, Ian,actor.; Tyler, Liv,actor.; Mortensen, Viggo,1958-actor.; Astin, Sean,actor.; Blanchett, Cate,1969-actor.; Rhys-Davies, John,actor.; Boyd, Billy,1968-actor.; Monaghan, Dominic,1976-actor.; Bloom, Orlando,1977-actor.; Serkis, Andy,actor.; Weaving, Hugo,1960-actor.; Horton, Michael,film editor.; Shore, Howard,composer.; Lesnie, Andrew,1956-2015,cinematographer.; Dickson, Ngila,costume designer.; Taylor, Richard Leslie.,costume designer.; Major, Grant,production designer.; Rygiel, Jim.special effects provider; motion picture adaptation of (work)Tolkien, J. R. R.(John Ronald Reuel),1892-1973.Two towers.; WingNut Films (Firm),production company.; New Line Cinema Corporation,presenter.; New Line Home Entertainment (Firm),distributor.;
DVD in letterbox presentation enhanced for widescreen televisions, Dolby digital, Dolby surround, Region 1 encoding.System requirements for DVD-ROM: Microsoft Windows 98SE or higher, the (included) InterActual Player, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Macromedia Flash 6.0, an Internet connection, DVD-ROM drive, a software or hardware DVD player ; DVD-ROM features are not available on Apple Macintosh.Elijah Wood, Ian Mckellen, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett, John Rhys-Davies, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving.Director of photography, Andrew Lesnie ; editor, Michael Horton ; music, Howard Shore ; costume designers, Ngila Dickson, Richard Taylor ; production designer, Grant Major ; visual effects supervisor, Jim Rygiel.MPAA rating: PG-13; for epic battle sequences and some scary images ; Supplemental material not rated.Join Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, and brave members of the Fellowship as they continue their quest to destroy the Ring of Power. As darkness descends on Middle-earth, a strange creature named Gollum leads the heroes to the Black Gates of Mordor. The rest of Middle-earth prepares for a battle that will decide the fate of all.Disc 1. Main feature -- Disc 2. Special features.Academy Awards, 2002: Best Visual Effects (Jim Rygiel, Joe Letteri, Randall William Cook, Alex Funke); Best Sound Editing (Ethan Van der Ryn, Michael Hopkins).
Subjects: Feature films.; Video recordings for the hearing impaired.; Baggins, Frodo; Gandalf; Aragorn II, King of Gondor; Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.; Middle Earth (Imaginary place); Fantasy films.;
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The hobbit [videorecording] : an unexpected journey / by Jackson, Peter,1961-director,screenwriter,producer.; Walsh, Fran,1959-screenwriter,producer.; Boyens, Philippa,screenwriter.; Toro, Guillermo del,1964-screenwriter.; Cunningham, Carolynne,producer.; Weiner, Zane,producer.; Emmerich, Toby,producer.; Kamins, Ken,producer.; McKellen, Ian,actor.; Freeman, Martin,1971-actor.; Armitage, Richard,1971-actor.; Nesbitt, James,1965-actor.; Stott, Ken,1955-actor.; McCoy, Sylvester,1943-actor.; Humphries, Barry,1934-actor.; Blanchett, Cate,1969-actor.; Holm, Ian,1931-actor.; Lee, Christopher,1922-2015,actor.; Weaving, Hugo,1960-actor.; Wood, Elijah,1981-actor.; Serkis, Andy,actor.; Turner, Aidan,1983-actor.; O'Gorman, Dean,actor.; McTavish, Graham,actor.; Brown, Adam,1980-actor.; Hambleton, Peter,1960-actor.; Callen, John,actor.; Hadlow, Mark,actor.; Brophy, Jed,actor.; Kircher, William,actor.; Hunter, Stephen(Actor),actor.; Pace, Lee,1979-actor.; Cumberbatch, Benedict,1976-actor.; Bennett, Manu,1969-actor.; Stevens, Conan,actor.; Thomas, Jeffrey,1945-actor.; Lesnie, Andrew,1956-2015,director of photography.; Hennah, Dan,production designer.; Olssen, Jabez,editor of moving image work.; Maskrey, Ann,costume designer.; Taylor, Richard(Special effects designer),costume designer.; Buck, Bob(Costume designer),costume designer.; Shore, Howard,composer (expression); Finn, Neil,1958-performer.; Motion picture adaptation of (work):Tolkien, J. R. R.(John Ronald Reuel),1892-1973.Hobbit.; Warner Bros. Pictures (1969- ),production company.; New Line Cinema Corporation,production company.; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures,production company.; WingNut Films (Firm),production company.; Warner Home Video (Firm),publisher.;
DVD ; NTSC, region 1 ; widescreen (16x9) presentation ; dual-layer format ; Dolby digital 5.1 surround.Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt, Ken Stott, Sylvester McCoy, Barry Humphries, Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Aidan Turner, Dean O'Gorman, Graham McTavish, Adam Brown, Peter Hambleton, John Callen, Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy, William Kircher, Stephen Hunter, Lee Pace, Benedict Cumberbatch, Manu Bennett, Conan Stevens, Jeffrey Thomas, Mike Mizrahi.Director of photography, Andrew Lesnie ; production designer, Dan Hennah ; edited by Jabez Olssen ; costume designers, Ann Maskrey, Richard Taylor, Bob Buck ; music composed, orchestrated & conducted by Howard Shore ; armour, weapons, creatures and special makeup, Richard Taylor ; featuring "Song of the Lonely Mountain" performed by Neil Finn ; executive producers, Alan Horn, Toby Emmerich, Ken Kamins, Carolyn Blackwood.MPAA rating: PG-13; for extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, and frightening images.The first chapter in Peter Jackson's new epic trilogy set in Middle Earth 60 years before J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the rings saga. Follow Bilbo Baggins as he's swept into a quest to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. Approached by the wizard Gandalf, Bilbo joins a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield. Along the way they face many dangers; Bilbo meets Gollum and takes possession of the 'One ring.' Includes bonus features.Disc 1. The Hobbit -- disc. 2. Special features.
Subjects: Fantasy films.; Action and adventure films.; Feature films.; Film adaptations.; Fiction films.; Video recordings for the hearing impaired.; Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973; Middle Earth (Imaginary place); Hobbits (Fictitious characters); Baggins, Bilbo; Gandalf; Treasure troves; Wizards; Dwarfs;
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The color purple / by Spielberg, Steven,1946-film director,film producer.; Peters, Jon,film producer.; Guber, Peter,film producer.; Kennedy, Kathleen,1954-film producer.; Marshall, Frank,film producer.; Jones, Quincy,1933-film producer,composer (expression); Meyjes, Menno,screenwriter.; Glover, Danny,actor.; Caesar, Adolph,1933-1986,actor.; Avery, Margaret,actor.; Chong, Rae Dawn,actor.; Winfrey, Oprah,actor.; Busia, Akosua,actor.; Pugh, Willard,actor.; Goldberg, Whoopi,1955-actor.; Jackson, Desreta,actor.; Ivey, Dana,actor.; Fishburne, Laurence,1961-actor.; Anderson, Carl,1945-2004,actor.; Patton, John,1930-2005,actor.; Rodgers, Aggie Guerard,costume designer.; Kahn, Michael,1935-editor of moving image work.; Riva, J. Michael,production designer.; Daviau, Allen,director of photography.; Motion picture adaptation of (work):Walker, Alice,1944-Color purple.; Warner Bros. Pictures (1969- ),production company.; Amblin Entertainment (Firm),production company.; Guber-Peters Company,production company.; Warner Home Video (Firm),film distributor.;
DVD, Widescreen; Dolby digital 5.1; NTSC, Region 1; Dual layer; anamorphic widescreen.Danny Glover, Adolph Caesar, Margaret Avery, Rae Dawn Chong, Oprah Winfrey, Akosua Busia, Willard Pugh, Whoopi Goldberg, Desreta Jackson, Dana Ivey, Larry Fishburne, Carl Anderson, John Patton, Jr.Costume designer, Aggie Guerard Rodgers ; music, Quincy Jones ; film editor, Michael Kahn ; production designer, J. Michael Riva ; director of photography, Allen Daviau.MPAA rating: PG-13.Set in the early 1900s, tells the story of Celie, a poor black Southern woman, whose friendship with two women helps her overcome the brutality of her father and husband.
Subjects: Film adaptations.; Fiction films.; Feature films.; Video recordings for the hearing impaired.; Dysfunctional families; African American women; African American women; Walker, Alice, 1944-;
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Game of thrones : by Benioff, David,creator,screenwriter,television producer,television director.; Weiss, D. B,creator,screenwriter,television producer.; Newman, Chris,1955-television producer.; Spence, Greg,television producer.; Martin, George R. R,television producer,screenwriter.; Casady, Guymon,television producer.; Gerardis, Vince,television producer.; Taylor, Vanessa,television producer,screenwriter.; Caulfield, Bernadette,television producer.; Doelger, Frank,television producer.; Strauss, Carolyn,television producer.; Minahan, Daniel,television director.; Graves, Alex,television director.; Cogman, Bryan,screenwriter.; Sakharov, Alik,1959-television director.; MacLaren, Michelle,1965-television director.; Nutter, David,1960-television director.; Dinklage, Peter,actor.; Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj,1970-actor.; Headey, Lena,actor.; Clarke, Emilia,actor.; Harington, Kit,1986-actor.; Glen, Iain,1961-actor.; Allen, Alfie,1986-actor.; Bradley, John,1988-actor.; Cosmo, James,actor.; Cunningham, Liam,actor.; Dance, Charles,actor.; Dillane, Stephen,1956-actor.; Dormer, Natalie,1982-actor.; Fairley, Michelle,actor.; Flynn, Jerome,1963-actor.; Gillen, Aidan,1968-actor.; Gleeson, Jack,actor.; Hill, Conleth,1964-actor.; Kekilli, Sibel,1980-actor.; Leslie, Rose,1987-actor.; Madden, Richard,1986-actor.; McCann, Rory,1969-actor.; Turner, Sophie,1996-actor.; Houten, Carice van,1976-actor.; Williams, Maisie,1997-actor.; Christie, Gwendoline,1978-actor.; Rheon, Iwan,1985-actor.; Rigg, Diana,actor.; Skrein, Ed,1983-actor.; Hempstead-Wright, Isaac,1999-actor.; Dempsie, Joseph,1987-actor.; Chaplin, Oona,1986-actor.; Hinds, Ciarán,1953-actor.; Jackson, Gemma,1951-production designer.; Djawadi, Ramin,composer (expression); Martin, George R. R.Song of ice and fire.; HBO Entertainment (Firm),production company.; Television 360 (Firm),production company.; Startling Television (Firm),production company.; Bighead Littlehead (Firm),production company.; Home Box Office (Firm),publisher.; HBO Home Entertainment (Firm),publisher.; Warner Home Video (Firm),film distributor.;
DVD, region 1, widescreen (16:9; 1.78:1) presentation; Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0.Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Iain Glen, Alfie Allen, John Bradley, James Cosmo, Liam Cunningham, Charles Dance, Stephen Dillane, Natalie Dormer, Michelle Fairley, Jerome Flynn, Aidan Gillen, Jack Gleeson, Conleth Hill, Sibel Kekilli, Rose Leslie, Richard Madden, Rory McCann, Sophie Turner, Carice Van Houten, Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Gwendoline Christie, Iwan Rheon, Diana Rigg, Ed Skrein, Oona Chaplin, Joe Dempsie, Ciarán Hinds.Costume designer, Michele Clapton ; production designer, Gemma Jackson ; music, Ramin Djawadi.TV rating: TV-MA ;In the third season of the HBO hit drama series Game of Thrones, the Lannisters barely hold on to the throne after a savage naval onslaught from Stannis Baratheon, while stirrings in the north threaten to alter the overall balance of power. Robb Stark, King in the North, faces major calamity in his efforts to build on his victories over the Lannisters while beyond the Wall, Mance Rayder and his huge army of wildlings continue their inexorable march south. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen--reunited with her three fast-maturing dragons--attempts to raise an army to sail with her from Essos, in hopes of eventually claiming the Iron Throne. In Season 3 of this original series based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling books, the battling families of Westeros continue to clash as bonds are strained, loyalties are tested, and cruel fates are met.Volume 1. The complete first season -- Volume 2. The complete second season -- Volume 3. The complete third season -- Volume 4. The complete fourth season -- Volume 5. The complete fifth season -- Volume 6. The complete sixth season -- Volume 7. The complete seventh season.
Subjects: Action and adventure television programs.; Fantasy television programs.; Fiction television programs.; Television series.; Television adaptations.; Video recordings for the hearing impaired.; Television programs for the hearing impaired.; Kings and rulers; Nobility; Imaginary wars and battles;
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