Reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates : an identification and care guide / by Bartlett, Patricia,1949-; Griswold, Billy.; Bartlett, Richard D.,1938-;
Includes bibliographical references (p. 273-274) and index.Introduction -- Part 1: Reptiles -- Snakes -- Boas and Pythons -- Colubrine Snakes -- Lizards -- Agamid Lizards -- Angiod Lizards: Alligator Lizards and Glass Lizards -- Chameleons -- Iguanian Lizards: Iguanas and relatives -- Armadillo Lizards and Plated Lizards -- Gekkonid Lizards -- Aeluroscalobotid Lizards -- Eublepharine Geckos: Eyelidded Geckos -- True Geckos -- Lacertid Lizards -- Skinks -- Teiid Lizards: Whiptails and Tegus -- Varanid Lizards: monitors -- Tortoises and Turtles -- Tortoises -- Mud Turtles and Musk Turtles -- Basking Turtles -- Side-necked Turtles -- Soft-shelled Turtles -- Crocodilians -- Caiman -- Part 2: Amphibians -- Frogs, Toads, and TreeFrogs -- Bombinatorids: Fire-bellied Toads -- Bufonids: True Toads -- Horned Frogs and relatives -- Dendrobatids: poison Frogs -- Hylid Frogs: Australian and American TreeFrogs -- Hyperoliid Frogs -- Leptopelid Frogs -- Mantellas -- Malayan Horned Frog -- Microhyulids: Narrow-mouthed Toads -- Pipid Frogs -- Ranids: True Frogs -- Rhacophorids: Gliding Frogs and relatives -- Newts, Salamanders, and Caecilians -- Ambystomatids: Mole Salamanders -- Salamandrids: Newts -- Caecilians -- Part 3: Invertebrates -- Arthropods -- Tarantulas -- Millipedes and Centipedes -- Scorpions -- Mantids and Stick Insects -- Cockroaches -- Bibliography -- Index.From Back Cover Of Book: Reptiles, Amphibians, and Invertebrates an identification and card guide. Hundreds of color illustrations. Snake, lizards, insects, turtles and tortoises, frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, and arachnids are all featured in this book. It's a pictorial identification guide and husbandry manual covering more than 250 species, subspecies, and color morphs. The authors tell you what to look for when purchasing these animals and discuss caging and feeding. Each profile includes the animal's place of origin, its size from hatchling to adult, its lifespan, and its general behavior traits.
Subjects: Amphibians as pets.; Reptiles as pets.; Invertebrates as pets.; Amphibians; Reptiles; Invertebrates; Reptiles; Amphibians; Animal Husbandry; Invertebrates;
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Great Events From History: Women's History / by O'Neal, Michael,1949-editor.;
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.Volume 1 -- ACTIVISM. Harriet Tubman Escapes to Freedom ; Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr Open Chicago's Hull-House ; Molly Brown, Titanic Survivor, Philanthropist, Suffragist ; Rosa Parks Is Arrested for Refusing to Sit in the Back of the Bus ; Freedom Day: Annie Lee Cooper Tries to Register to Vote ; Karen Silkwood Becomes a Symbol for the Antinuclear Movement ; Two Founders of Peace People Receive the Nobel Peace Prize ; Thomas-Hill Hearings ; Tailhook Scandal Erupts ; Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) ; Million Woman March ; Germany Legalizes Prostitution and Brothels ; Over 800,000 People Participate in the March for Women's Lives ; #MeToo Movement Launched ; Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize ; Women's March of 2017 ; Christine Blasey Ford: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings ; Zohra, Afghanistan's All-Female Orchestra, Goes into Hiding -- THE CULTURE OF THE HOME FOR WOMEN. Rise of Courtly Love ; Electric Washing Machine Is Introduced ; Paul Poiret's Hobble Skirt Becomes the Rage ; Juliette Gordon Low Founds the Girl Scouts ; Emily Post Publishes Etiquette ; Bikini Swimsuit Is Introduced ; Christian Dior's "New Look" Sweeps Europe and America ; Simon de Beauvoir's The Second Sex Anticipates the Women's Movement ; Women and the Roots of the Feminist Movement ; Betty Crocker Cookbooks Debut ; Earl Tupper Adopts Home-Sales Strategy for Tupperware ; Establishment of Māori Women's Welfare League ; Barbie Dolls Debut ; Erma Bombeck's Humor Column Syndicated ; Mary Quant Introduces the Miniskirt ; Disposable Diapers Are Introduced to U.S. Market ; Sex and the Single Girl Published ; The Feminine Mystique Published ; World Conference on Women Sets an International Agenda ; National Women's Conference Convenes ; Mommy Track Controversy ; "Soccer Moms" Emerge as a Political Bloc -- EDUCATION. Hartford Female Seminary Is Founded ; Oberlin College Opens ; Mount Holyoke Female Seminary Opens ; Elizabeth Blackwell Receives Medical Degree ; Vassar College Opens ; Women's Institutes Are Founded in Great Britain ; Alice Hamilton Becomes First Professor at Harvard Medical School ; Mary McLeod Bethune Founds Bethune-Cookman College ; National Council of Negro Women Founded -- LITERATURE, ENTERTAINMENT, JOURNALISM, AND THE ARTS. Enheduanna Becomes First Named Author ; Greek Poet Sappho Dies ; Sei Shōnagon Completes The Pillow Book ; Murasaki Shikibu Writes The Tale of Genji ; Compilation of the Wise Sayings of Lal Ded ; Izumo no Okuni Stages the First Kabuki Dance Dramas ; Women First Appear on the English Stage ; Wollstonecraft Publishes A Vindication of the Rights of Woman ; Stowe Publishes Uncle Tom's Cabin ; Gustave Flaubert Publishes Madame Bovary ; A Doll's House Introduces Modern Realistic Drama ; Annie Oakley Joins Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show ; Ida B. Wells-Barnett Publishes Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases ; Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Author, Educator ; Ida Tarbell Investigates Standard Oil Company ; Isadora Duncan Establishes School of Dance ; Gertrude Stein Holds Her First Paris Salons ; Emma Goldman Publishes Mother Earth ; Anna Pavlova Performs The Dying Swan ; Mary Pickford Reigns as "America's Sweetheart" ; Films in the 1910s ; Harriet Monroe Founds Poetry Magazine ; Bass, Charlotta Spears Edits and Publishes The California Eagle ; Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Affair at Styles Introduces Hercule Poirot ; First Miss America Is Crowned ; Baker Dances in La Revue Nègre ; Billie Holiday Begins Her Recording Career ; Josephine Baker, The First Black Movie Star, Zouzou ; Pearl S. Buck Receives the Nobel Prize in Literature ; Marian Anderson's Lincoln Memorial Concert ; Wonder Woman Comic First Appears ; I Love Lucy Dominates Television Comedy ; Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap Begins a Record-Breaking Run ; Marilyn Monroe Climbs to Stardom ; Sylvia Plath's The Colossus Voices Women's Experience ; Diahann Carroll Becomes the First African American Woman to Star as a Non-domestic on Television ; The Mary Tyler Moore Show Examines Women's Roles ; Ms. Magazine Debuts ; Françoise D'Eaubonne Coins the Term "Ecofeminism" ; Ntozake Shange's For Colored Girls... Presents the Black Female Psyche ; The Hite Report Published ; The Woman Warrior Published ; Marguerite Yourcenar Becomes the First Woman Elected to the Académie Française ; Vanessa Williams Is the First Miss America to Resign ; Xena: Warrior Princess Debuts ; Oprah Winfrey Broadcasts her Final Talk Show --Volume 1 (cont.) -- MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY. Mathematician and Philosopher Hypatia Is Killed in Alexandria ; Maria Agnesi Publishes Analytical Institutions ; Women in Mathematics ; Women in Technology in the United States ; Marie Curie Wins Nobel Prize ; Henrietta Swan Leavitt Discovers How to Measure Galactic Distances ; Annie Jump Cannon Classifies the Stars ; Dorothy Hodgkin Solves the Structure of Penicillin ; First Woman to Fly Faster Than Speed of Sound ; Grace Murray Hopper Invents the Computer Language COBOL ; Mary and Louis Leakey Find a 1.75-Million-Year-Old Fossil Hominid ; Rachel Carson Publishes Silent Spring ; Valentina Tereshkova Becomes First Woman in Space ; Jocelyn Bell Discovers Pulsars ; Katherine Johnson Guides Apollo 13 Astronauts Home ; Lesley Brown Gives Birth to the First "Test-Tube Baby" ; Women Admitted to Astronaut Corps ; First Successful Human Embryo Transfer ; Sally Ride Becomes First American Woman in Space ; Two Women Walk in Space ; Mae Carol Jemison Becomes First Black Woman in Space ; First Woman to Command a Space Mission ; All-U.S. Woman Spacewalk -- MILITARY. Trung Sisters Lead Vietnamese Rebellion Against Chinese ; Boudicca Leads Revolt Against Roman Rule ; Joan of Arc's Relief of Orléans ; Richmond Underground during the Civil War ; Women in the French Resistance in World War II ; U.S. Army Auxiliary Corps Founded ; Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) Founded ; Mary A. Hallaren, First U.S. Army Officer ; Women's Military Roles Expand ; Congress Votes to Admit Women to the Armed Services Academies ; E-Mail Message Prompts Inquiry into Air Force Academy Sexual Assaults ; U.S. Armed Forces Overturns 1994 Ban on Women Serving in Combat -- POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT. Rape of Lucretia ; Lucrezia Borgia, Patron of Renaissance Culture ; Elizabeth I Charters the East India Company -- Susanna Salter Becomes First U.S. Woman Elected Mayor ; Finland Elects Its First Female Members of Parliament ; Jeannette Rankin Becomes First Woman Elected to the U.S. Congress ; First Woman Is Seated in the British House of Commons ; The League of Women Voters Is Founded ; Maud Wood Park, First President of League of Women Voters ; Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming Becomes the First Female Governor ; Frances Perkins Becomes First Woman Secretary of Labor ; Australians Elect First Women to Parliament ; Margaret Chase Smith, First Woman Elected to Both Houses of Congress ; Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka Becomes the World's First Female Prime Minister ; Indira Gandhi Serves as India's First Female Prime Minister ; Shirley Chisholm Becomes First African American Woman to Serve in Congress ; Golda Meir Becomes Prime Minister of Israel ; Barbara Jordan Becomes First Black Congresswoman from the South ; Margaret Thatcher Becomes Great Britain's First Female Prime Minister ; Sandra Day O'Connor Becomes the First Female Supreme Court Justice ; Geraldine Ferraro Joins Presidential Ticket ; Indira Gandhi Is Assassinated ; Kim Campbell Becomes Canada's First Woman Prime Minister ; Angela Merkel Becomes German Chancellor ; Condolezza Rice is Sworn in as First Female, African American Secretary of State ; Nancy Pelosi Becomes the First Woman to Serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives ; Sonia Sotomayor Becomes the First Hispanic Justice to Sit on the US Supreme Court ; Hillary Clinton Runs for President ; Election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ; Sanna Marin of Finland Becomes World's Youngest Female Prime Minister ; Kamala Harris Elected Vice President --Volume 2. -- RELIGION. Hildegard von Bingen Becomes Abbess ; Lady Alice Kyteler Is Found Guilty of Witchcraft ; Witch-Hunts and Witch Trials ; Salem Witchcraft Trials ; Pius IX Decrees the Immaculate Conception Dogma ; Virgin Mary Appears to Bernadette Soubirous ; Catherine and William Booth Establish the Salvation Army ; Madame H. P. Blavatsky Co-founds Theosophical Society ; Mary Baker Eddy Establishes the Christian Science Movement ; Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson Claims She Was Kidnapped ; Mother Cabrini Becomes the First U.S. Citizen Canonized as a Saint ; Pius XII Proclaims the Doctrine of the Assumption ; Mother Teresa Is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -- REPRODUCTION. Birth Control in Western Europe (1600s) ; First Birth Control Clinic Opens in Amsterdam ; National Birth Control League Forms ; Margaret Sanger Opens the First Birth-Control Clinic in the United States ; Margaret Sanger Organizes Conferences on Birth Control ; Birth Control Pills Are Tested in Puerto Rico ; FDA Approves the Birth Control Pill ; Plastic IUD Developed for Birth Control ; Griswold v. Connecticut: The Supreme Court Rules That State Cannot Ban Contraceptives ; Roman Catholic Church Reaffirms Its Position Against Birth Control ; Family Planning Services and Population Research Act Extends Reproductive Rights ; Roe v. Wade Expands Reproductive Choice for American Women ; Italy Legalizes Abortion ; Anti-Abortion Groups Challenge Abortion Laws ; NOW Sponsors a March for Abortion Rights ; U.S. Supreme Court Upholds State Restrictions on Abortion ; U.S. Supreme Court Restricts Abortion Rights ; Gonzales v. Carhart Upholds Partial-Birth Abortion Ban ; Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Requirements for Abortion Clinics ; Texas "Fetal Heartbeat" Law -- SPORTS. First Women's Golf Tournament ; Harriet Quimby Becomes the First Woman to Fly Across the English Channel ; Helen Wills Moody Wins Thirty-One Grand Slam Tennis Titles ; Gertrude Ederle Swims the English Channel ; First Transatlantic Solo Flight by a Woman ; All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Formed ; AP Names Babe Didrikson Zaharias Woman Athlete of the Half Century ; International Women's Cricket Council Is Founded ; Wilma Rudolph Becomes the Fastest Woman in the World ; Tennis's Battle of the Sexes ; First Woman Climbs Mount Everest ; Nadia Comãneci Receives the First Perfect Score in Olympic Gymnastics ; Joan Benoit Wins the First Olympic Women's Marathon ; FIFA Women's World Cup ; First Female European Matador ; Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) Established ; National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) Formed ; Simone Biles Dominates Women's Gymnastics ; Sarah Thomas Becomes First Woman Referee in the Super Bowl ; U.S. Women in "2020" Olympics ; U.S. Women's Soccer Contract Equals Men's -- TRAGEDIES. Rape of Nanjing ; Kitty Genovese Dies as Her Cries for Help Are Ignored ; Princess Diana Dies in a Car Crash ; Boko Haram Kidnaps 276 Schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria -- WOMEN MONARCHS. Queen of Sheba Legends Arise ; Reign of Empress Wu ; Reign of Raziya ; Joan the Mad Becomes Queen of Castile ; Coronation of Mary Tudor ; Reign of Elizabeth I ; Catherine de' Medici and the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre ; Maria Theresa Succeeds to the Austrian Throne ; Catherine the Great's Instruction ; Queen Victoria's Coronation ; Hawaii's Last Monarch Abdicates ; Elizabeth II's Coronation -- WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Footbinding Develops in Chinese Society ; Seneca Falls Convention ; Akron Woman's Rights Convention ; Suffragists Protest the Fourteenth Amendment ; Woman Suffrage Associations Begin Forming ; Wyoming Gives Women the Vote ; Susan B. Anthony Is Tried for Voting ; Declaration of the Rights of Women ; Women's Rights Associations Unite ; Colored Women's League Founded ; National Council of Women of Canada Is Founded ; New Zealand Grants Universal Suffrage to Women ; National Association of Colored Women Formed ; Australia Extends Suffrage to Women ; The Pankhursts Found the Women's Social and Political Union ; Finland Grants Woman Suffrage ; International Congress of Women ; Alice Paul, Co-founder of National Woman's Party ; Canadian Women Gain the Vote ; National Woman's Party Is Founded ; Parliament Grants Suffrage of British Women ; The Nineteenth Amendment Gives American Women the Right to Vote ; Proposal of the Equal Rights Amendment ; France Grants Suffrage to Women ; Congress Passes War Brides Act ; Japanese Constitution Grants New Rights to Women ; Presbyterian and Methodist Churches Approve Ordination of Women ; National Women's Day (South Africa) ; Canadian Bill of Rights Prohibits Sexual Discrimination ; The National Organization for Women Forms to Protect Women's Rights ; Loving v. Virginia Decided ; The United Nations Issues a Declaration on Equality for Women ; Swiss Women Gain the Right to Vote ; Women's Equality Day ; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ; ERA Passes Congress but Falls Short of Ratification ; A U.N. Convention Condemns Discrimination Against Women ; Women's Rights in the 1980s ; Supreme Court Rules that Laws Can Force Groups to Admit Women ; Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gender-Role Stereotyping Is Discriminatory ; Church of England Ordains Female Priests ; Supreme Court Rejects Class-Action Sex-Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart ; Supreme Court Upholds Constitutional Bans on Preferences Based on Race, Ethnicity, or Sex ; Obergefell v. Hodges: The United States Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage -- WORKPLACE. Florence Nightingale Takes Charge of Nursing in the Crimea ; The Bern Conference Prohibits Night Work for Women ; Muller v. Oregon Is Decided ; Sarah Rector Becomes "Richest Black Girl in the World" ; Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire ; Dorothy Reed Mendenhall, Medical Officer with U.S. Children's Bureau ; "Radium Girls" ; United States Women's Bureau ; 6.6 Million Women Enter the U.S. Labor Force ; Women in the Workforce ; Congress Passes the Equal Pay Act ; Congress Passes the Equal Employment Opportunity Act ; U.S. Congress Protects Pregnant Employees ; Martha Stewart Is Convicted in Insider Trading Scandal ; Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 ; Mary Barra of General Motors Becomes First Female CEO of a Major Automotive Company.
Subjects: Women; Women's rights;
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