Prehistoric life : [the definitive visual history of life on earth] / by Palmer, Douglas.; Lamb, Simon.; Gavira Guerrero, Angeles.; Frances, Peter.; DK Publishing, Inc.;
Young earth. Exploring earth's past ; The origin of the earth ; The first 500 million years ; Plate tectonics ; Changing climates ; Life and evolution ; Classification ; Mass extinctions ; Types of fossils ; Information in the fossil record ; Key fossil sites ; The geological timescale -- Life on earth. Archean ; Proterozoic ; Cambrian ; Ordovician ; Silurian ; Devonian ; Carboniferous ; Permian ; Triassic ; Jurassic ; Cretaceous ; Paleogene ; Neogene ; Quaternary -- The rise of the humans. Human relatives ; Human ancestors ; Origins of modern humans ; Out of Africa ; European hunter gatherers ; Paleolithic cave art ; After the ice.With an extensive catalog at its heart, "Prehistoric Life" profiles hundreds of fascinating species in incredible detail; features breathtaking, state-of-the-art images; explores the concept of geological time; and explains the classification of species and how the evidence for their evolution is preserved and can be deciphered.
Subjects: Fossils.; Fossils; Animals, Fossil.; Animals, Fossil; Plants, Fossil.; Plants, Fossil; Fossil hominids.; Fossil hominids; Paleobiology.;
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