A poet's craft : a comprehensive guide to making and sharing your poetry / by Finch, Annie,1956-;
This book gives readers an introduction to poetic form. It combines three types of poetry writing guides: textbooks for academic use, general guides to writing poetry, and guides to writing in form. Like textbooks, it includes poetry writing exercises and discussion of classic and contemporary poems as examples, and is logically organized to provide a complete overview of the elements of poetry writing, from diction to trope to free verse. Like general poetry guides, it has a tone lively and mature enough for the nonundergraduate, and includes sections on journaling and inspiration, revision, publishing, and even how to assemble a poetry book. Like form guides, it provides an introduction to meter and to writing formal poetry.Invoking poems: inspirations and materials. Inspiration: the wood between the worlds ; Poetry as nourishment: how to read like a poet -- Thirty-nine ways to make a poem: a generative resource ; The raw material: words and their roots ; Three modes of poetry: lyric, dramatic, and narrative -- Making poems: sense and sound. Making senses: imagery and abstraction ; Turn, turn, turn: metaphors and other tropes ; What if a much of a which of a word-music? ; Syntax and rhetorical structure: words in order and disorder ; Stop making sense: exploratory poetics and poetic experiments -- Breathing poems: rhythm and meter. Hearing the beat: accent and accentual poetry ; Meter: a language for the body ; The many voices of iambic meter ; The metrical palette: beyond iambic pentameter ; Forms of free verse -- Shaping poems: structure and form. Stanzas: a poem's breathing rooms ; Worth repeating: forms based on repetition ; Chaos in fourteen lines: the sonnet ; Deep story: the ballad -- Sharing poems: publishing and performing. Revisioning revision ; Bearing the gift: sharing your poetry through publication and readings ; Getting it together: creating a chapbook or book.
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