Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary. by Dorland, W. A. Newman(William Alexander Newman),1864-1956.;
Consultants -- Preface -- Index to tables -- Index to plates -- Index to appendices -- Notes on the use of this dictionary -- Main entries and subentries -- Syllabication -- Sequence of entries -- Indication of pronunciation -- Pronunciation guide -- Presentation of plurals and other inflections -- Etymology -- Official publications -- Placement of definitions and cross references -- Related entries -- Run-on entries -- Official terminology -- Entries containing a proper name -- Form of eponyms -- Symbols and abbreviations -- Abbreviations used in this dictionary -- Fundamentals of medical etymology -- Alphabet and pronunciation -- Transliteration -- Word formation -- Vocabulary - Appendices -- Credits."Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary" remains today's most comprehensive and highly respected medical dictionary. The thoroughly updated 33rd Edition is an ideal resource for medical and allied health professionals, students in all healthcare disciplines, medical writers, editors, transcriptionists, coders, researchers, attorneys, and more -- as well as those working in government agencies and healthcare management. -- From publisher's description.
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