Parenting mindfully : 101 ways to help raise responsible and caring kids in an unpredictable world / by DePino, Catherine,author.;
Introduction : How can mindfulness help you raise smart, caring, responsible kids? ; What are the basic principles of mindfulness? ; How to use this book -- Bolster confidence -- Encourage responsible behavior -- Boost emotional intelligence -- Motivate excellence -- Teach coping skills -- Instill compassion -- Nurture kindness -- Impart courtesy -- Foster respect -- Curb greediness -- Curtail conflicts -- Deliver meaningful consequences."More than ever, life in our world, nation, and communities appears insecure and unpredictable. Every day, new and disturbing incidents appear on the news that feed this sense of unrest. In our communities, people don't attempt to understand one another's points of view, causing compromise to give way to discord and conflict. This unremitting stress filters down to the way we raise our children and the way our kids respond to accepting the values we work hard to impart. Parenting Mindfully helps you provide your children with a buffer against the challenges they face at home, in school, and in the neighborhood. Following the principles of Mindfulness can help you raise kids who become school smart, street smart, caring human beings. If you want to promote character traits like compassion, kindness, and respect for you and others, using Mindfulness techniques will jumpstart these positive qualities in your children. Imagine what it would be like if you could begin to find a way to parent your kids successfully despite the growing negativity in the world. Parenting Mindfully can help both you and your kids discover a new and rewarding way of living."--Includes bibliographical references.
Subjects: Parenting.; Parent and child.; Caring in children.; Responsibility in children.;
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