Family conflict / by Canary, Heather E.; Canary, Daniel J.;
Includes bibliographical references (p. 175-196) and index.Introduction to Family Conflict. The Importance of Family Conflict -- Defining Family Conflict -- Theoretic Perspectives on Family Conflict -- A Multilevel Model of Family Conflict. -- Marital Conflict.The Nature of Marital Conflict -- Marital Conflict Strategies and Tactics -- Individual Outcomes of Marital Conflict -- Relational Outcomes of Marital Conflict -- Cultural Influences on Marital Conflict. -- Interparental Conflict, Post-Divorce, and Stepfamilies. Interparental Conflict -- Post-Divorce Families -- Stepfamilies -- Cultural Influences. -- Conflict between Parents and Children -- Conflict between Parents and Young Children -- Conflict between Parents and Adolescents -- Conflict between Parents and Adult Children -- Single-Parent Families and Conflict -- Cultural Considerations. -- Siblings in Conflict. What Makes Sibling Relationships Unique -- Sibling Conflict and Child Development -- Sibling Conflict in Childhood -- Adolescent Sibling Conflict -- Cultural Influences on Sibling Conflict. -- Conflict in the Face of Family Challenges: Work-Family Interface, Health & Disability, and Family Resilience. Work-Family Interface -- Health, Disability, and Family Conflict -- Family Resilience and Conflict -- Final Thoughts on Family Conflict -- Family Conflict at the Movies.This work takes a life course approach as it provides a discussion of family conflict issues, processes, and outcomes. Chapters draw on recent theory and research regarding sub-systems and stages in family life to give readers resource-rich overviews of conflict in contemporary families. After the initial chapter presents the landscape of family conflict theory and research, chapters focus on conflict in couple relationships, parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, and in stepfamilies. The book concludes with a discussion of how specific work, health, and disability challenges facing today's families influence, and are influenced by, conflict interactions. -- Publisher's description.
Subjects: Communication in families.; Families; Interpersonal conflict.;
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