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Great Events From History: Women's History  Cover Image Book Book

Great Events From History: Women's History / editor, Michael J. O'Neal, PhD.

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  • ISBN: 9781637000991
  • ISBN: 1637000995
  • ISBN: 9781637001011
  • ISBN: 1637001010
  • ISBN: 9781637001028
  • ISBN: 1637001029
  • Physical Description: 2 volumes (xxx, 820 pages) : illustrations, portraits ; 26 cm.
  • Edition: [First edition].
  • Publisher: Ipswich, Massachusetts : Salem Press, a division of EBSCO Information Services, Inc. ; [2022]

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Bibliography, etc. Note:
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Formatted Contents Note:
Volume 1 -- ACTIVISM. Harriet Tubman Escapes to Freedom ; Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr Open Chicago's Hull-House ; Molly Brown, Titanic Survivor, Philanthropist, Suffragist ; Rosa Parks Is Arrested for Refusing to Sit in the Back of the Bus ; Freedom Day: Annie Lee Cooper Tries to Register to Vote ; Karen Silkwood Becomes a Symbol for the Antinuclear Movement ; Two Founders of Peace People Receive the Nobel Peace Prize ; Thomas-Hill Hearings ; Tailhook Scandal Erupts ; Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) ; Million Woman March ; Germany Legalizes Prostitution and Brothels ; Over 800,000 People Participate in the March for Women's Lives ; #MeToo Movement Launched ; Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize ; Women's March of 2017 ; Christine Blasey Ford: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings ; Zohra, Afghanistan's All-Female Orchestra, Goes into Hiding -- THE CULTURE OF THE HOME FOR WOMEN. Rise of Courtly Love ; Electric Washing Machine Is Introduced ; Paul Poiret's Hobble Skirt Becomes the Rage ; Juliette Gordon Low Founds the Girl Scouts ; Emily Post Publishes Etiquette ; Bikini Swimsuit Is Introduced ; Christian Dior's "New Look" Sweeps Europe and America ; Simon de Beauvoir's The Second Sex Anticipates the Women's Movement ; Women and the Roots of the Feminist Movement ; Betty Crocker Cookbooks Debut ; Earl Tupper Adopts Home-Sales Strategy for Tupperware ; Establishment of Māori Women's Welfare League ; Barbie Dolls Debut ; Erma Bombeck's Humor Column Syndicated ; Mary Quant Introduces the Miniskirt ; Disposable Diapers Are Introduced to U.S. Market ; Sex and the Single Girl Published ; The Feminine Mystique Published ; World Conference on Women Sets an International Agenda ; National Women's Conference Convenes ; Mommy Track Controversy ; "Soccer Moms" Emerge as a Political Bloc -- EDUCATION. Hartford Female Seminary Is Founded ; Oberlin College Opens ; Mount Holyoke Female Seminary Opens ; Elizabeth Blackwell Receives Medical Degree ; Vassar College Opens ; Women's Institutes Are Founded in Great Britain ; Alice Hamilton Becomes First Professor at Harvard Medical School ; Mary McLeod Bethune Founds Bethune-Cookman College ; National Council of Negro Women Founded -- LITERATURE, ENTERTAINMENT, JOURNALISM, AND THE ARTS. Enheduanna Becomes First Named Author ; Greek Poet Sappho Dies ; Sei Shōnagon Completes The Pillow Book ; Murasaki Shikibu Writes The Tale of Genji ; Compilation of the Wise Sayings of Lal Ded ; Izumo no Okuni Stages the First Kabuki Dance Dramas ; Women First Appear on the English Stage ; Wollstonecraft Publishes A Vindication of the Rights of Woman ; Stowe Publishes Uncle Tom's Cabin ; Gustave Flaubert Publishes Madame Bovary ; A Doll's House Introduces Modern Realistic Drama ; Annie Oakley Joins Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show ; Ida B. Wells-Barnett Publishes Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases ; Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Author, Educator ; Ida Tarbell Investigates Standard Oil Company ; Isadora Duncan Establishes School of Dance ; Gertrude Stein Holds Her First Paris Salons ; Emma Goldman Publishes Mother Earth ; Anna Pavlova Performs The Dying Swan ; Mary Pickford Reigns as "America's Sweetheart" ; Films in the 1910s ; Harriet Monroe Founds Poetry Magazine ; Bass, Charlotta Spears Edits and Publishes The California Eagle ; Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Affair at Styles Introduces Hercule Poirot ; First Miss America Is Crowned ; Baker Dances in La Revue Nègre ; Billie Holiday Begins Her Recording Career ; Josephine Baker, The First Black Movie Star, Zouzou ; Pearl S. Buck Receives the Nobel Prize in Literature ; Marian Anderson's Lincoln Memorial Concert ; Wonder Woman Comic First Appears ; I Love Lucy Dominates Television Comedy ; Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap Begins a Record-Breaking Run ; Marilyn Monroe Climbs to Stardom ; Sylvia Plath's The Colossus Voices Women's Experience ; Diahann Carroll Becomes the First African American Woman to Star as a Non-domestic on Television ; The Mary Tyler Moore Show Examines Women's Roles ; Ms. Magazine Debuts ; Françoise D'Eaubonne Coins the Term "Ecofeminism" ; Ntozake Shange's For Colored Girls... Presents the Black Female Psyche ; The Hite Report Published ; The Woman Warrior Published ; Marguerite Yourcenar Becomes the First Woman Elected to the Académie Française ; Vanessa Williams Is the First Miss America to Resign ; Xena: Warrior Princess Debuts ; Oprah Winfrey Broadcasts her Final Talk Show --
Volume 1 (cont.) -- MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY. Mathematician and Philosopher Hypatia Is Killed in Alexandria ; Maria Agnesi Publishes Analytical Institutions ; Women in Mathematics ; Women in Technology in the United States ; Marie Curie Wins Nobel Prize ; Henrietta Swan Leavitt Discovers How to Measure Galactic Distances ; Annie Jump Cannon Classifies the Stars ; Dorothy Hodgkin Solves the Structure of Penicillin ; First Woman to Fly Faster Than Speed of Sound ; Grace Murray Hopper Invents the Computer Language COBOL ; Mary and Louis Leakey Find a 1.75-Million-Year-Old Fossil Hominid ; Rachel Carson Publishes Silent Spring ; Valentina Tereshkova Becomes First Woman in Space ; Jocelyn Bell Discovers Pulsars ; Katherine Johnson Guides Apollo 13 Astronauts Home ; Lesley Brown Gives Birth to the First "Test-Tube Baby" ; Women Admitted to Astronaut Corps ; First Successful Human Embryo Transfer ; Sally Ride Becomes First American Woman in Space ; Two Women Walk in Space ; Mae Carol Jemison Becomes First Black Woman in Space ; First Woman to Command a Space Mission ; All-U.S. Woman Spacewalk -- MILITARY. Trung Sisters Lead Vietnamese Rebellion Against Chinese ; Boudicca Leads Revolt Against Roman Rule ; Joan of Arc's Relief of Orléans ; Richmond Underground during the Civil War ; Women in the French Resistance in World War II ; U.S. Army Auxiliary Corps Founded ; Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) Founded ; Mary A. Hallaren, First U.S. Army Officer ; Women's Military Roles Expand ; Congress Votes to Admit Women to the Armed Services Academies ; E-Mail Message Prompts Inquiry into Air Force Academy Sexual Assaults ; U.S. Armed Forces Overturns 1994 Ban on Women Serving in Combat -- POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT. Rape of Lucretia ; Lucrezia Borgia, Patron of Renaissance Culture ; Elizabeth I Charters the East India Company -- Susanna Salter Becomes First U.S. Woman Elected Mayor ; Finland Elects Its First Female Members of Parliament ; Jeannette Rankin Becomes First Woman Elected to the U.S. Congress ; First Woman Is Seated in the British House of Commons ; The League of Women Voters Is Founded ; Maud Wood Park, First President of League of Women Voters ; Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming Becomes the First Female Governor ; Frances Perkins Becomes First Woman Secretary of Labor ; Australians Elect First Women to Parliament ; Margaret Chase Smith, First Woman Elected to Both Houses of Congress ; Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka Becomes the World's First Female Prime Minister ; Indira Gandhi Serves as India's First Female Prime Minister ; Shirley Chisholm Becomes First African American Woman to Serve in Congress ; Golda Meir Becomes Prime Minister of Israel ; Barbara Jordan Becomes First Black Congresswoman from the South ; Margaret Thatcher Becomes Great Britain's First Female Prime Minister ; Sandra Day O'Connor Becomes the First Female Supreme Court Justice ; Geraldine Ferraro Joins Presidential Ticket ; Indira Gandhi Is Assassinated ; Kim Campbell Becomes Canada's First Woman Prime Minister ; Angela Merkel Becomes German Chancellor ; Condolezza Rice is Sworn in as First Female, African American Secretary of State ; Nancy Pelosi Becomes the First Woman to Serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives ; Sonia Sotomayor Becomes the First Hispanic Justice to Sit on the US Supreme Court ; Hillary Clinton Runs for President ; Election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ; Sanna Marin of Finland Becomes World's Youngest Female Prime Minister ; Kamala Harris Elected Vice President --
Volume 2. -- RELIGION. Hildegard von Bingen Becomes Abbess ; Lady Alice Kyteler Is Found Guilty of Witchcraft ; Witch-Hunts and Witch Trials ; Salem Witchcraft Trials ; Pius IX Decrees the Immaculate Conception Dogma ; Virgin Mary Appears to Bernadette Soubirous ; Catherine and William Booth Establish the Salvation Army ; Madame H. P. Blavatsky Co-founds Theosophical Society ; Mary Baker Eddy Establishes the Christian Science Movement ; Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson Claims She Was Kidnapped ; Mother Cabrini Becomes the First U.S. Citizen Canonized as a Saint ; Pius XII Proclaims the Doctrine of the Assumption ; Mother Teresa Is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -- REPRODUCTION. Birth Control in Western Europe (1600s) ; First Birth Control Clinic Opens in Amsterdam ; National Birth Control League Forms ; Margaret Sanger Opens the First Birth-Control Clinic in the United States ; Margaret Sanger Organizes Conferences on Birth Control ; Birth Control Pills Are Tested in Puerto Rico ; FDA Approves the Birth Control Pill ; Plastic IUD Developed for Birth Control ; Griswold v. Connecticut: The Supreme Court Rules That State Cannot Ban Contraceptives ; Roman Catholic Church Reaffirms Its Position Against Birth Control ; Family Planning Services and Population Research Act Extends Reproductive Rights ; Roe v. Wade Expands Reproductive Choice for American Women ; Italy Legalizes Abortion ; Anti-Abortion Groups Challenge Abortion Laws ; NOW Sponsors a March for Abortion Rights ; U.S. Supreme Court Upholds State Restrictions on Abortion ; U.S. Supreme Court Restricts Abortion Rights ; Gonzales v. Carhart Upholds Partial-Birth Abortion Ban ; Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Requirements for Abortion Clinics ; Texas "Fetal Heartbeat" Law -- SPORTS. First Women's Golf Tournament ; Harriet Quimby Becomes the First Woman to Fly Across the English Channel ; Helen Wills Moody Wins Thirty-One Grand Slam Tennis Titles ; Gertrude Ederle Swims the English Channel ; First Transatlantic Solo Flight by a Woman ; All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Formed ; AP Names Babe Didrikson Zaharias Woman Athlete of the Half Century ; International Women's Cricket Council Is Founded ; Wilma Rudolph Becomes the Fastest Woman in the World ; Tennis's Battle of the Sexes ; First Woman Climbs Mount Everest ; Nadia Comãneci Receives the First Perfect Score in Olympic Gymnastics ; Joan Benoit Wins the First Olympic Women's Marathon ; FIFA Women's World Cup ; First Female European Matador ; Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) Established ; National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) Formed ; Simone Biles Dominates Women's Gymnastics ; Sarah Thomas Becomes First Woman Referee in the Super Bowl ; U.S. Women in "2020" Olympics ; U.S. Women's Soccer Contract Equals Men's -- TRAGEDIES. Rape of Nanjing ; Kitty Genovese Dies as Her Cries for Help Are Ignored ; Princess Diana Dies in a Car Crash ; Boko Haram Kidnaps 276 Schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria -- WOMEN MONARCHS. Queen of Sheba Legends Arise ; Reign of Empress Wu ; Reign of Raziya ; Joan the Mad Becomes Queen of Castile ; Coronation of Mary Tudor ; Reign of Elizabeth I ; Catherine de' Medici and the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre ; Maria Theresa Succeeds to the Austrian Throne ; Catherine the Great's Instruction ; Queen Victoria's Coronation ; Hawaii's Last Monarch Abdicates ; Elizabeth II's Coronation -- WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Footbinding Develops in Chinese Society ; Seneca Falls Convention ; Akron Woman's Rights Convention ; Suffragists Protest the Fourteenth Amendment ; Woman Suffrage Associations Begin Forming ; Wyoming Gives Women the Vote ; Susan B. Anthony Is Tried for Voting ; Declaration of the Rights of Women ; Women's Rights Associations Unite ; Colored Women's League Founded ; National Council of Women of Canada Is Founded ; New Zealand Grants Universal Suffrage to Women ; National Association of Colored Women Formed ; Australia Extends Suffrage to Women ; The Pankhursts Found the Women's Social and Political Union ; Finland Grants Woman Suffrage ; International Congress of Women ; Alice Paul, Co-founder of National Woman's Party ; Canadian Women Gain the Vote ; National Woman's Party Is Founded ; Parliament Grants Suffrage of British Women ; The Nineteenth Amendment Gives American Women the Right to Vote ; Proposal of the Equal Rights Amendment ; France Grants Suffrage to Women ; Congress Passes War Brides Act ; Japanese Constitution Grants New Rights to Women ; Presbyterian and Methodist Churches Approve Ordination of Women ; National Women's Day (South Africa) ; Canadian Bill of Rights Prohibits Sexual Discrimination ; The National Organization for Women Forms to Protect Women's Rights ; Loving v. Virginia Decided ; The United Nations Issues a Declaration on Equality for Women ; Swiss Women Gain the Right to Vote ; Women's Equality Day ; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ; ERA Passes Congress but Falls Short of Ratification ; A U.N. Convention Condemns Discrimination Against Women ; Women's Rights in the 1980s ; Supreme Court Rules that Laws Can Force Groups to Admit Women ; Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gender-Role Stereotyping Is Discriminatory ; Church of England Ordains Female Priests ; Supreme Court Rejects Class-Action Sex-Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart ; Supreme Court Upholds Constitutional Bans on Preferences Based on Race, Ethnicity, or Sex ; Obergefell v. Hodges: The United States Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage -- WORKPLACE. Florence Nightingale Takes Charge of Nursing in the Crimea ; The Bern Conference Prohibits Night Work for Women ; Muller v. Oregon Is Decided ; Sarah Rector Becomes "Richest Black Girl in the World" ; Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire ; Dorothy Reed Mendenhall, Medical Officer with U.S. Children's Bureau ; "Radium Girls" ; United States Women's Bureau ; 6.6 Million Women Enter the U.S. Labor Force ; Women in the Workforce ; Congress Passes the Equal Pay Act ; Congress Passes the Equal Employment Opportunity Act ; U.S. Congress Protects Pregnant Employees ; Martha Stewart Is Convicted in Insider Trading Scandal ; Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 ; Mary Barra of General Motors Becomes First Female CEO of a Major Automotive Company.
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Subject: Women > History.
Women's rights > History.

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