Genetic engineering :opposing viewpoints /Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
San Diego, Calif. :Greenhaven Press,c2004.

221 p. :ill. ;23 cm.

How will genetic engineering affect society? Genetic engineering benefits society / Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko -- Genetic engineering threatens society / Ronnie Cummins -- Human cloning will harm society / Jeremy Rifkin-- The risks associated with human cloning have been exaggerated / James A. Byrne and John B. Gurdon -- Genetic engineering threatens women's reproductive choices / Judith Levine -- Genetic engineering protects women's reproductive choice / George Dvorsky -- Cloning could save endangered species / Robert P. Lanza, Betsy L. Dresser, and Philip Damiani -- Cloning may not be enough to save endangered species / Ellen Goodman. Is genetic engineering ethical? Genetic engineering threatens human dignity / Leon R. Kass -- Genetic engineering promotes human dignity / Michael Place -- Human cloning is unethical / Megan Best -- Human cloning is ethical / Stuart K. Hayashi -- The production of genetically engineered food is ethical / Gary Comstock. What is the impact of genetically engineered crops? Genetically engineered crops are dangerous / John Grogan and Cheryl Long -- Genetically engineered crops are not dangerous / L. Val Giddings -- Genetically engineered crops protect the environment / Jonathan Rauch -- Genetically engineered crops may harm the environment / Ricarda Steinbrecher -- Genetically engineered crops can help people in developing nations / Dennis T. Avery -- Genetically engineered crops will not help developing nations / GeneWatch. How should genetic engineering be regulated? The labeling of genetically engineered food should be mandatory / Y.G. Muralidharan -- The labeling of genetically engineered food should not be mandatory / Gregory Conko -- All forms of human cloning should be banned / Robert A. Best -- Some forms of human cloning should not be banned / Rudolf Jaenish -- Scientists should be allowed to patent genes / David Holchberg.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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