Alternative kilns & firing techniques : raku, saggar, pit, barrel / by Watkins, James C.,1951-; Wandless, Paul Andrew.;
Ceramic artists share their fast-firing methods and directions for building simple kilns. This book illustrates the full scope of the ceramic process and the diverse results that can be achieved.--[book cover].Out of the kiln, into the fire -- A fellowship in clay -- Raku -- Origins and modern practice -- Building a raku kiln -- Basic raku firing -- Alternative raku reduction techniques -- Amber-tinted ferric chloride reduction -- High-contrast horsehair reduction -- Rust-red reduction -- Terra sigillata reduction -- Gunmetal black reduction -- Copper matte-alcohol reduction -- Iridescent luster fuming -- Low-fire salt fuming -- Saggar -- Silver-black terra sigillata with masked resist -- Multi-colored surfaces -- Aluminum foil saggar -- Iridescent luster fuming in a clay saggar -- Pit -- Barrel -- Terra sigillata and barrel firing -- Downdraft stovepipe barrel kiln -- Gallery -- Glazes, slips, and colorants -- Orton cone chart.
Subjects: Kilns.; Firing (Ceramics); Pottery craft.; Raku pottery.;
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Mastering raku : making ware, glazes, building kilns, firing / by Branfman, Steven.;
Raku, a low-fire pottery technique that requires quick heating and cooling of the ware, offers something that few other firing methods do: a deep and satisfying participation in the firing process itself. Mastering Raku is the definitive book on the subject: a comprehensive, hands-on, technique-based guide that encourages experimentation. Mastering Raku includes up-to-date technical and creative information, how-to photographs, new clay and glaze recipes, and contemporary inspiration.
Subjects: Pottery craft.; Raku pottery.;
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The ceramics bible : the complete guide to materials and techniques / by Taylor, Louisa.;
Includes bibliographical references (pages 278-279) and index.Introduction -- Types of ceramic ware -- Section 1: Materials And Tools: -- Types of clay -- Other materials -- Clay recipes -- Preparing clay -- Cut and stack wedging step by step -- Ram's head wedging step by step -- Spiral wedging step by step -- Drying overview -- Drying step by step -- Raw materials -- Oxides -- Stains -- Storing chemical materials -- Tools -- Kiln furniture and accessories -- Studio equipment -- Glazing equipment -- Safety procedures -- Section 2: Forming Techniques: -- Introduction to handbuilding -- Coiling step by step -- Pinching step by step -- Extruding step by step -- Slab work step by step -- Gallery: handbuilding -- Artist profile: Nao Matsunaga -- Introduction to slip casting and molds -- Press molds step by step -- Ready-made molds step by step -- Making a model step by step -- Making a two-piece mold step by step -- Slip casting step by step -- Gallery: slip casting and molds -- Artist profile: Heather Mae Erickson -- Introduction to throwing -- Types of wheels -- Centering step by step -- Throwing a cylinder step by step -- Throwing a bowl step by step -- Throwing a bottle form step by step -- Throwing a closed form step by step -- Throwing a lidded vessel step by step -- Making a lid -- Trimming step by step -- Pulling a handle step by step -- Joining a handle step by step -- Troubleshooting: throwing -- Gallery: throwing -- Artist profile: Prue Venables -- Section 3: Glazing And Firing Techniques: -- Glazes overview -- Glaze recipes-earthenware -- Glaze recipes-stoneware -- Glaze testing -- Preparing glaze -- Applying glaze -- Troubleshooting: common glaze faults -- Introduction to kilns -- Types of kilns -- Loading the kiln -- Kiln temperature and kiln programs -- Introduction to firing -- Oxidized firing overview -- Oxidized firing process -- Gallery: oxidized firing -- Artist profile: Natasha Daintry -- Reduction firing overview -- Reduction firing process -- Gallery: reduction firing -- Artist profile: Chris Keenan -- Salt and soda firing process overview -- Salt and soda firing process -- Gallery: salt and soda firing -- Artist profile: Robert Winokur -- Wood firing overview -- Wood firing process -- Gallery: wood firing -- Artist profile: Janet Mansfield -- Raku firing overview -- Raku firing process -- Gallery: raku firing -- Artist profile: Ashraf Hanna -- Section 4: Decorative And Finishing Techniques: -- Slip decoration and surface overview -- Slip decoration recipes -- Slip decoration and surface techniques -- Gallery: slip decoration -- Artist profile: Elke Sada -- Enamels, lusters, and transfers overview -- Enamels step by step -- Lusters step by step -- Transfers step by step -- Gallery: enamels, lusters, and transfers -- Artist profile: Alice Mara -- Engraving and sandblasting overview -- Engraving methods -- Sandblasting step by step -- Artist profile: Maria Lintott -- Finishing overview -- Grinding and polishing methods -- Post-firing techniques -- Fixing and display -- Gallery: finishing -- Artist profile: Neil Brownsword -- Section 5: Resources: -- Training courses -- Residencies -- Marketing -- Trade shows -- Art gallery and museum collections -- Representation -- Guilds, organizations and associations -- Workshops and studios -- Suppliers -- Useful charts -- Contributors -- Bibliography -- Glossary -- Index -- Acknowledgments.Publishers Description: Ceramicists have been plying their art and craft for thousands of years, and never more prolifically than today. The Ceramics Bible is the most comprehensive and up-to-date volume on the subject. Brimming with more than 700 full-color photos and illustrations, this is the new definitive guide for serious ceramics practitioners. Inside are step-by-step instructions on molding, firing, and glazing techniques, generously accompanied by detailed photographs. Also included are beautiful examples of contemporary work, plus plenty of historical information, artist profiles, troubleshooting tips, and an extensive resource section. Perfect for students, artists, and collectors, this is a tremendously valuable addition to the vibrant world of ceramics.
Subjects: Ceramics; Ceramics; Ceramics; Pottery;
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The complete potter : the complete reference to tools, materials, and techniques for all potters and ceramicists / by Mattison, Steve.;
Subjects: Pottery craft.;
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