Alternative kilns & firing techniques : raku, saggar, pit, barrel / by Watkins, James C.,1951-; Wandless, Paul Andrew.;
Ceramic artists share their fast-firing methods and directions for building simple kilns. This book illustrates the full scope of the ceramic process and the diverse results that can be achieved.--[book cover].Out of the kiln, into the fire -- A fellowship in clay -- Raku -- Origins and modern practice -- Building a raku kiln -- Basic raku firing -- Alternative raku reduction techniques -- Amber-tinted ferric chloride reduction -- High-contrast horsehair reduction -- Rust-red reduction -- Terra sigillata reduction -- Gunmetal black reduction -- Copper matte-alcohol reduction -- Iridescent luster fuming -- Low-fire salt fuming -- Saggar -- Silver-black terra sigillata with masked resist -- Multi-colored surfaces -- Aluminum foil saggar -- Iridescent luster fuming in a clay saggar -- Pit -- Barrel -- Terra sigillata and barrel firing -- Downdraft stovepipe barrel kiln -- Gallery -- Glazes, slips, and colorants -- Orton cone chart.
Subjects: Kilns.; Firing (Ceramics); Pottery craft.; Raku pottery.;
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Contemporary Black biography. [electronic resource] : profiles from the international Black community / by Mabunda, L. Mpho,1967-editor.; Gale Group.;
Includes bibliographical references and index.Diane Abbot -- Wally Amos -- Gwendolyn Calvert Baker -- Don H. Barden -- James Borders -- Avery Brooks -- Margaret Taylor Burroughs -- Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi -- Calvin O. Butts, III -- Bill Campbell -- Diahann Carroll -- Henri Christophe -- Chuck D -- George Clinton -- Price M. Cobbs -- Bessie Coleman -- Samuel R. Delany, Jr. -- Giancarlo Esposito -- Hardy R. Franklin -- Nikki Giovanni -- Cheryl Gomez-Preston -- Eloise Greenfield -- Pam Grier -- Archibald H. Grimke -- Tyree Guyton -- Andre Harrell -- Oliver W. Harrington -- Coleman Hawkins -- Lenny Henry -- Eric H. Holder, Jr. -- Howlin Wolf -- Reginald and Warrington Hudlin -- Virginia Johnson -- Yusef Komunyakaa -- Julius Lester -- David Levering Lewis -- Ronnie Lott -- Nat Love -- Clarence Major -- Isaiah McKinnon -- Joe Leonard Morgan -- Remmy Ongala -- Waverly Person -- P.B.S. Pinchback -- Horace Pippin -- Mary Ellen Pleasant -- Hugh B. Price -- Jerry Rawlings -- Linda Johnson Rice -- Nolan Richardson -- Frank Robinson -- Sharon Sayles Belton -- Arthur Alfonso Schomburg -- Charles Clinton Spaulding -- Chuck Stone -- Regina Taylor -- Mary Church Terrell -- Vivien Thomas -- William Tolliver -- Peter Tosh -- Monroe Trotter -- Harriet Tubman -- Phyllis A. Wallace -- Levi Watkins, Jr. -- Faye Wattleton -- Rolonda Watts -- Paul R. Williams -- Phill Wilson -- Alfre Woodward -- Hale Woodruff.Biographical profiles of important and influential persons of African heritage who form the international black community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields providing coverage of names found in today's headlines as well as selected individuals from earlier in this century whose influence continues to have an impact on contemporary life.Description based on print version record.
Subjects: Abbot, Diane.; Amos, Wally.; Baker, Gwendolyn C.; Barden, Don H.; Borders, James.; Brooks, Avery.; Burroughs, Margaret Taylor, 1917-; Buthelezi, Gatsha.; Butts III, Calvin O.; Campbell, Bill.; Carroll, Diahann.; Christophe, Henri.; Chuck D, 1960-; Clinton, George, 1940-; Cobbs, Price M.; Coleman, Bessie, 1896-1926.; Delany, Samuel R.; Esposito, Giancarlo.; Franklin, Hardy R.; Giovanni, Nikki.; Gomez-Preston, Cheryl.; Greenfield, Eloise.; Grier, Pam, 1949-; Grimke, Archibald Henry, 1849-1930.; Guyton, Tyree, 1955-; Harrell, Andre.; Harrington, Oliver W. (Oliver Wendell), 1912-; Hawkins, Coleman.; Henry, Lenny.; Holder, Eric Himpton, 1951-; Wolf, Howlin, 1910-1976.; Hudlin, Reginald.; Hudlin, Warrington.; Johnson, Virginia, 1950-; Komunyakaa, Yusef.; Lester, Julius.; Lewis, David L, 1936-; Lott, Ronnie.; Love, Nat, 1854-1921.; Major, Clarence.; McKinnon, Isaiah.; Morgan, Joe Leonard.; Ongala, Remmy.; Person, Waverly.; Pinchback, Pinckney Benton Stewart, 1837-1921.; Pippin, Horace, 1888-1946.; Pleasant, Mary Ellen, 1814-1904.; Price, Hugh B.; Rawlings, Jerry J., 1947-; Rice, Linda Johnson.; Richardson, Nolan.; Robinson, Frank, 1935-; Belton, Sharon Sayles.; Schomburg, Arthur Alfonso, 1874-1938.; Spaulding, C. C. (Charles Clinton), 1874-1952.; Stone, Chuck.; Taylor, Regina, 1960-; Terrell, Mary Church, 1863-1954.; Thomas, Vivien T., 1910-1985.; Tolliver, William.; Tosh, Peter.; Trotter, Monroe.; Tubman, Harriet, 1820?-1913.; Wallace, Phyllis Ann.; Watkins, Levi, 1944-; Wattleton, Faye.; Watts, Rolonda.; Williams, Paul R., 1894-1980.; Wilson, Phil.; Woodard, Alfre, 1953-; Woodruff, Hale, 1900-1980.; African Americans; Blacks;
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